1. The order is confirmed:

If a customer makes the order and is accepted, an email will be sent out through Primefinil that confirms the order made by the customer. Another email is sent following the confirmation email and is expected to arrive within 24 hours of the time of placing the order. This email will process the order and informs you that it will be delivered within a short time.

If there is an issue with the payment, for instance, unfinished payments, an email will be addressed to the client with the same.

2. Confirming the shipping

A confirmed order is most likely to be dispatched and shipped on the same day the order is made. When the shipping confirmation is made at the end of the process the email will be sent to the client with the tracking number for the order. This email will include all shipping information along with the date of when the customer can expect delivery. The email will also contain a “connect with us” option in order for the order to be tracked by hand, making calls.

The purchase can be delivered to the home address or as to work addresses the address that will be preferred by the buyer. There is a choice of registered airmail that is slightly costly, but more secure. This type of delivery calls for the signature of the purchaser upon delivery. If the purchaser is unavailable the message will be sent to the purchaser regarding the delivery attempt of the package. The package is accepted by the buyer after calling the post office. The details of which are included in the email sent upon delivery. The package is put in standby at the postal office for around four weeks before the attempt to mail the package back to you is attempted.

3. APO Addresses and PO Boxes:

Delivery is made to the APOaddress and also at PO Boxes in the event that you are able to choose the delivery method offered by Primefinil. You can assign your delivery to an APO as well as the PO address by changing your primary address for the same address.

4. Customs:

Primefinil is located offshore India and each order is considered to be an import item. The parcel that has been cleared through customs may be delayed. The time delay that customs officials experience can vary between a couple of days up to three weeks in extreme situations.

5. Delivery Times:

The delivery is made within 24-48 hours following the order has been placed. The time required to deliver the item is contingent on the service used by the courier. If customs hold an order, it could take 21 days to arrive at your address. It is crucial to let us know if your order has not been received within seven days of making the purchase.

6. Reshipments of lost orders:

Every order that is not delivered will be reshipped or returned by Primefinil. If there is any delay when receiving the package then it is essential to inform customer care within eight weeks from the date it was shipped at the request of the buyer. A refund or reshipment of the lost order is made within the first week of being reported. If a report is not submitted within 8 weeks of the date of issue will not be considered or accepted for refund.

The following terms and conditions apply when replacing an order placed with the Primefinil

a)If the delivery of the item takes longer than seven days, the delivery date will be the date stated in the shipping information in the exact.

b)The shipping date you provide is accurate

If the buyer makes an order with the wrong address, the buyer is subject to this replacement fee.

7. Refund and Return Policy:

If your order arrives not in good condition in any way or is not delivered at all or not received at all, the refund is issued or the item is shipped to you once more. It is usually based on the decision that the buyer makes and may be refunded or reshipped according to the option they make. Before a customer can ask for a refund the buyer must wait at least 30 days from the date the order was placed. If you have any questions about the order or the product itself, Primefinil offers telephonic assistance to all of its customers. The policy of refunds holds us all eligible so long as the product returned to us is able to be sold again. The only requirement is the product must be sealed in its original packaging, unopened, and unopened. The product must not be older than the expiry date.


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